Consider how much time we spend “in motion.” This being “in motion” takes into account all the times we move around the house, going upstairs and downstairs. It involves going outside and back inside the house. 

Then consider the time you are in motion on the road – travelling to and form work. While this would be very different in smaller areas (towns and villages) it is for the average city person a great deal of time spent on the road. 

In Canada (2019) drivers spent an average of 24 minutes commuting to work (and then there is driving back home). In Vancouver the average commuting time is 67 minutes IF they leave for work between 5:00am and 7:00am. 

Do a quick mental calculation of all the times you spend at traffic lights and stop signs. 

From the time we get up till the time we go to bed we human beings spend a fair bit of time in motion. If we want to make of our day a pleasing sacrifice to God or a more pleasing sacrifice to God, then it is important we take advantage of at least some of the moments in motion. 

When you drive leave the radio off and pray your rosary. Use a finger rosary – one that fits like a ring. Do not use the longer one that could get tangled and cause you to be distracted. 

So today resolve to use your vocal prayers (like the Hail Mary or Memorare, the Rosary while driving) and spontaneous prayers while going through the house or at work (quietly of course). Simple examples are – Jesus, I love you; Mary, I love you; Guardian Angel help me now and the list goes on. 

Nothing complicated about this – you only need determination and love. 

Use all of that motion to help make of your day a more pleasing offering to God. 

Fr Hamilton 

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