Today’s Tip 
Six Simple Stress-Management Techniques
It can feel like stress is unavoidable these days. Changes to how we live and work, social isolation, and anxiety about health and finances are triggering us and exacerbating our emotions. If you feel like you’re cracking under the weight of the past year, try introducing some of these simple, proven habits into your day:
Move, move, move. Any exercise is a fantastic stress reliever.Breathe. Practice meditation and mindfulness exercises to tame your mind.Journal. Writing can help us unpack what’s going on inside. Start by documenting what you’re grateful for each day.Laugh. Watch a funny show, call a funny friend, and feel some joy.Find your flow. What activity or task demands your deepest focus?Listen to music. Research proves that it helps us relax.
This tip is adapted from “7 Ways to De-Stress When You Can’t Go Outside,”by Michelle Bihary

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