Today’s Tip 
Develop a More Flexible Plan for Your Future
With all the uncertainty of the pandemic and its fallout, it’s never been harder to make a long-term plan. At the same time, planning is one of the best ways to reduce your stress and anxiety about the future. Micro-planning (or breaking down your vision into smaller chunks) can help. There are six key elements of micro-planning:Purpose: Identify a high-level purpose that motivates you in your professional life.The Year: Make a big-picture plan for the coming year that aligns with your purpose, based on the best information you have available.Quarters: At the beginning of each quarter, reassess your performance. Set specific goals to ensure that your work is still aligned with your purpose.Months: Each month, take a look at your goals for the quarter and assess where you stand with them. Do you need to make any adjustments?Weeks: At the start of each week, make a weekly to-do list, rather than a daily one that’s a mile long and leaves you feeling defeated when you shut down for the day.Days: Finally, track your energy on a daily basis. Gathering data about your physical, mental, and emotional energy at the end of the day can give you powerful information as to how to optimize your workflow.

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