Today’s Tip You Don’t Need to Unplug to RechargeWe all need to take breaks to recharge. And while it’s good to take screen-free respites, such as going for a walk or exercising, sometimes you just can’t step away from your device (or you just don’t want to). The good news is that tech-based breaks can give you some of the same benefits as the offscreen variety, especially if you’re able to include some combination of physical movement, social interaction, and brain stimulation. Here are some suggestions for ways to take a break without unplugging:
Try an on-screen workout class.Listen to an audiobook or podcast while finishing a chore, or read an article or book on your phone.Call or FaceTime a friend, or even spend some time texting someone you haven’t chatted with in a while.Play a game. Research suggests that casual video gaming during a work break can reduce perceptions of stress. So yes, you can refresh and sharpen your brain with a little midday Words with Friends.This tip is adapted from “Taking a Break Doesn’t Always Mean Unplugging,”by Alexandra Samuel

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