One thought on “Minute Plus Meditation 23.03.21

  1. Dear Fr.

    Just a thought. On the Consecration Day of St. Joseph, you mentioned there wasn’t a hymn to St. Joseph in the Hymn Book. I pdf’d the attached Hymn to St. Joseph, from The Catholic Book of Worship II, if you want to paste it in the back cover of the Hymn Book used at CCP.

    Also, I was wondering if you can put the Chapter and Verse number of the reading for the day on the screen. My non-Catholic friend, has a Bible, I think. After she listens to your daily Meditation, she may just want to read the Chapter and Verse number.

    We get the Magnificat Monthly (it’s been very, very late arriving in the mail though since Covid) so I can read the Gospel reading for the day, before I listen to your meditations. If it’s late in arriving in the mail, the readings for the week are listed in our bulletin, so I just write them down to have them on hand until the Magnificat gets here.

    Thanks Fr.




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