2 thoughts on “Minute Plus Meditation 15.04.23

  1. Hi Father Hamilton Happy Easter!This afternoon I noticed on U tube that you were celebrating Baptism and Confirmation and so I watchedIt was such a powerful experience for me and I was so moved by the numbers of happy joyful people  who  were receiving the sacraments!It took me back to my reception into the Catholic Church in 1986 ! It was a privilege to have watched the ceremony! Such wonderful things are happening at Corpus Christi.  I know you are always reminding us that you are only the instrument but thank you for being that example for all of us in the Catholic Archdiocese of Vancouver! Thanks again Father and I pray that God will continue to richly bless your ministry! Best RegardsKit Mykyte

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    1. Thank you Kit – your comments are very kind
      10 adults; 15 children; 2 adult Catholics were confirmed. A real blessing! And there was a very nice reception afterwards in our parish centre.


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